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Some things you just want to say but figure it would be impolitic to actually say them in the moment so instead I can vent here. So...

Facebook post about Atheist conspiracy against Christians. 'related sites' link below includes scopes debunking the post. So OP comments that (s)he doesn't trust scopes, believes that it is anti-Christian, anti-conservative, pro-socialist, etc.

I want to respond "Conspiracy theorist doesn't trust a site that debunks conspiracy theories? Imagine my shock."

Date: 2015-01-11 11:09 pm (UTC)
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I wanted to tell you, from many days after you posted this, that I sympathize with your need to vent. I'm glad you can come and do it here. It's so sad when people (and I probably should include myself in this, because I am, after all, human)blind themselves to logic.

It also pains me to see such a belief in the inherent hostility between one world view and another. While I am not a person of faith, or at least not a person of organized faith, there are so many people I know and love for whom faith has enriched their lives, that I am not going to dismiss what they think is important.

Equally, I know and love people for whom faith in a power beyond is not necessary for their lives to proceed in an ethical and truly good fashion, so I will not dismiss their worldview either.

The one worldview that I feel I must reject is that which declares that no other worldview can exist, or that which states that one kind of human is inherently better, or worthy of freedom, than another. Since most of the world's organized religions have practitioners who reject that worldview - and also practitioners who are horribly devoted to that worldview - I have to assume that the worst things done in the name of religion have little at heart to do with the religion.

Aaaaand, I realize I've just babbled rather incoherently here on your journal, when all I meant to do was to say, I sympathize. I hope you don't mind?

It's also good to see you here again, although I probably should have said that at first!


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