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August goal was 12 days of writing. Achieved 12 days exactly, again including the last several. So… is the lesson that I’m pushing too hard or, more likely, that I need harder goals which I will continue just barely making? Also should really clarify what does and doesn’t “count” as a day’s writing. For the purposes of this month I have counted editing previously written material as “writing” for that day but not as adding to the word count total.

August goal was 4130 words. Total for August is 5366 words.

Hardly what I’d call “leaped with room to spare”. So…

For September let’s expand the goal to 15 days (which is essentially identical to the ‘6-days goal’ I started with for July.) And… maybe setting a 7500 word goal will encourage “days” that don’t challenge the definition. Again, I’ll let editing count against ‘days’ but not against ‘words’.
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All right. Started the month with goals low enough I'm almost ashamed of them and just barely met them--which, I suppose is better than not meeting them.

Aimed for 6 days of writing and didn't set a wordcount goal.

And hit 6 days exactly (5 of them being 27-31)

I really don't want to admit to a 2065 word count because I'm embarrassed to even counting a sixth of that as writing. But... slow start, build confidence. Sigh.

So for next month... what is technically higher but in fact a lower hurdle: 12 days & 4130 words. (Double the results in triple the time.) Hopefully the lower hurdle will be leaped with room to spare. Especially the word part--more than half of last month's were in a single day, after all.
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Let me simply beginning by getting out of the way the entirely unjustified and indulgent observation that it's all downhill from here. Pathetic whining about "what have I accomplished? Do I really expect to accomplish anything?" is just so much useless blather and really needs to be swept aside. From me I mean. If someone else is feeling that way I am far more inclined to be lenient and supportive. :)

At any rate, I said I need to set goals and commit to a schedule and yesterday is as good a time as any. Of course, it isn't yesterday anymore so today will have to do.

I'd like to declare an intention to write for a full uninterrupted hour every day. But in the interest of starting with low bars and building up early successes let's call the official goal a 50% success rate for the remainder of the month of writing 'something' on a given day (and 50% would be 6 days). 'Something' does not mean pulling out paper and writing "fish" and it does not mean writing speeches for my political game, but it does mean any writing on any story no matter how pathetic or pointless. And then I don't know, maybe double whatever I do in July and make that the goal for August. :)

There. I still haven't done anything. But I've decided to do something. And maybe that will have to be enough.


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