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[url=http://drewacircle.blogspot.com/]Time to get serious.[/url]

It's New Years day and a lot of people will soon be laying out New Years Resolutions to passionately stick to for a week or two before getting caught up in life and letting them fall by the wayside. That's probably what will happen with this as well. Although I hope not.

Because it's time to get serious. It's time to get serious about not just loving Him with all my heart and soul and mind and my neighbor as myself and recognizing that everyone is my neighbor but also that all that is necessary of evil to succeed is that good people remain silent. Serious about writing and acknowledging to myself that political ramblings and faith musings and--nonfiction generally--still counts as writing. Serious about... if this post fizzles out here is that the seriousness cracking all ready? It's time to get serious. (Because really, why shouldn't repetition be allowed to fuel the muse?) There is so much in this world that is all ready serious. It has probably always been this way--today just seems more vivid through today's lens. And darned if all of it doesn't boil itself down to connection and division.

I call the page 'Drew a circle' because that is such a large piece of the puzzle. Drawing bigger circles. Making ever-larger the circle of inclusion and love. It's time to get serious. And if you happen across this site poke me and remind me to be serious about daily posts.
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